Integrate and improve your revenue ops technology with ease.

Bluebird’s patented lead management system assigns leads to the best sales rep available, eliminates tedious admin tasks and check-ins, provides lead-to-close management metrics.

Are your teams looking for more sales enablement and less time-consuming data input and admin tasks?

Bluebird can help.

Bluebird Dashboard

Get real time analytics.

Track performance across your network, making it easier to make data-backed decisions and continuously improve.
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The benefits of Bluebird's lead routing automation:

  • Narrow AI-Driven Lead Routing: Efficiently direct the most promising leads to the right team members, enhancing conversion rates and driving revenue growth.

  • Real-time Pipeline Visibility: Gain instant insights into your sales pipeline, allowing for proactive management and quicker decision-making to boost revenue.

  • CRM Data Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM systems to ensure accurate data flow, improving sales processes and revenue tracking.

  • Detailed Reporting & Dashboards: Access comprehensive reports and customizable dashboards to monitor performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to maximize revenue.

How Bluebird works for Revops teams.

Sales Velocity

Get your leads to your sales teams and partners fast

Process Automation

Save valuable time by optimizing and automating lead distribution processes

Pipeline Visibility

Know the state of every program, partner, and lead

Technology Adoption

Guaranteed user participation for your customized tech stack

How does your organization ensure it is optimizing revenue leads?

Lead management is a strategic collaboration between your marketing and sales teams, designed to maximize lead conversion into paying customers.

As a revenue operations leader, your role is to ensure that the entire process—from lead generation to conversion—is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness. Marketing generates leads through various channels, such as website forms, social media ads, email campaigns, and events. These qualified and engaged leads must then be meticulously assigned to the sales team or specific sales reps based on criteria like geography, industry, or product interest.

The secret to maximizing ROI lies in ensuring the right leads reach the right sales rep every time. This requires a deep understanding of your industry, sales cycle, and organizational structure. By overseeing and fine-tuning this process, you can drive better alignment between marketing and sales, improve conversion rates, and significantly boost revenue growth.

Bluebird can help.

Who is Bluebird purpose-built for?

Sales Agent Managers

For the decision makers that need lead assignment velocity and real-time pipeline visibility

Demand Focused Brokers

For the demand generators that expect their leads are matched with their best sales rep available

Business Managers

For the revenue growth teams that strive for enablement tools and operational efficiency

How we AI.

The control you desire, augmented with AI and machine learning.

We believe in deploying lead management technologies that increase productivity and scalability while remaining transparent and configurable.

Pre-flight AI.

Generative AI to score and reorganize lead data.

Lead enrichment and pre-qualification scoring.

In-flight AI.

Patented narrow AI lead score and routing algorithm follows business rules you define.

On the fly agent performance based scoring.

Machine learning routing engine.

Agent-assist AI.

Post acceptance generative AI agent assistance tools.