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96.7% lead acceptance.

Mannington supports their retail and partner network across the U.S.

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How Bluebird works for Mannington Mills Flooring.

Bluebird helps to provide much needed visibility into 3,500 retail stores located throughout North America that would otherwise be a black box. In doing so, Mannington Mills provides high quality leads while also eliminating lead workflow and management gaps.

Bluebird’s patented intelligent routing engine is highly customizable, learns over time, and scalable enough to meet the demands of global enterprises. It’s the most intelligent lead routing engine on the planet.

Quickly identifying the best agent and improving lead quality has helped Mannington increase their lead acceptance to 96.7%!

Bluebird’s patented intelligent routing engine is highly customizable, learns over time, and scalable enough to meet the demands of global enterprises. It’s the most intelligent lead routing engine on the planet.

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Mannington Mills Flooring

We relied on Bluebird’s lead management expertise to help us understand the opportunities we were missing, and ultimately, the revenue our partners were missing. With the AI-based scoring and routing, we don’t waste any resources trying to figure out where our leads should be sent and their status.

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Mannington got their dealers onboarded fast.

You cannot guarantee your channel will adopt new software. That’s why Bluebird’s platform is designed with the standard tools they already use – a browser, SMS, and email. There is no login required or app to download.

Seamless lead distribution via email or SMS maximizes ease of use for your sales network enabling rapid onboarding and go-to-market strategies.

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Improve lead quality and reduce amount of wasted marketing resources. Identify the best dealer to handle the lead quickly, regardless of the location, without the use of spreadsheets or extra man power.


Use Bluebird's dashboard, filtering and statistics to accurately identify the most lucrative lead sources, and marketing strategies. Implement an intuitive tagging structure to fit Mannington’s specific needs.

Mannington eliminates laborious lead distribution.

With multiple lead channels, it can be easy to overwhelm the workflow created by lead generation campaigns.

Lead hints, battlecards, and geo-locator are only a few of the many enhancements Mannington utilizes to ensure their retailers get the best leads possible. Mannington gets 100% complete lead visibility, enhances its lead sources and streamlines its lead assignment to retailers – from small shops to large retailers with multiple locations.

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Mannington intelligently routes every inbound qualified lead.

Mannington distributes leads across North America but having many different geographical regions doesn’t impact its lead routing. No matter the location, leads are matched with the most appropriate sales representative or retailer partner to the shopper and in real-time, which ultimately drives lead velocity.

Through the elimination of spreadsheets, Mannington routes over hundreds of leads instantly across the United States. If a lead is not accepted by a retailer, it is routed and offered to the next closest – and so on until acceptance. If there isn’t a retailer within proximity to the shopper, the lead is matched with a Mannington sales representative.

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Mannington gets 100% lead pipeline visibility.

Existing marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot, are enhanced with Bluebird. Mannington experienced a smooth HubSpot integration that increased its campaign capabilities and lead velocity. No application adoption needed. No friction.
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How we AI.

The control you desire, augmented with AI and machine learning.

We believe in deploying lead management technologies that increase productivity and scalability while remaining transparent and configurable.

Pre-flight AI.

Generative AI to score and reorganize lead data.

Lead enrichment and pre-qualification scoring.

In-flight AI.

Patented narrow AI lead score and routing algorithm follows business rules you define.

On the fly agent performance based scoring.

Machine learning routing engine.

Agent-assist AI.

Post acceptance generative AI agent assistance tools.