AI-infused lead management software.

Optimize sales and increase revenue. Bluebird is revolutionizing the way high performing sales teams respond to leads. Our industry leading AI-powered lead management software makes your sales team faster, smarter and more accountable. 

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Get the Bluebird advantage.

Bluebird optimizes lead routing & distribution using AI and machine learning to ensure your team can act on a lead before your competitors do.
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Route leads to agents via SMS or email.

Your sales people are notified and given a specific time frame to accept the lead which can be tracked in the Bluebird app.

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Immediately respond to leads.

Automatically assign leads to the team member most likely to close the sale in the shortest amount of time.
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Get real time analytics.

Track performance across your entire network.

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Get full visibility into your lead flow.

Realtime updates on lead pursuit status.

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Capture conversion status.

Dynamic post acceptance conversion capture.

Bluebird integrates seamlessly with your tech stack.

Bluebird Lead Management Software integrates with any CRMs without having to log-in or download an app.
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Hewlett Packard

We’ve eliminated the gaps in our lead management work flows for our global operations. Through Bluebird’s partner strategies, we can drive our lead-to-revenue funnel with urgency.  We have complete visibility to our channel pipeline that was previously only best guesses based on the previous quarters sales. It has helped our revenue and product supply line forecasting, and allows us work with real-time intelligence.

Industry Specific Solutions

Optimize sales and increase revenue from the leads you already have.

Bluebird optimizes lead routing & distribution using AI and machine learning to ensure your team can act on a lead before your competitors do.

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Patented Lead Routing Engine

Route using advanced customizable business rules.

Save time by automating lead routing and assignment for all inbound leads.

100% Adoption Model

Login-less SMS/email lead delivery & feedback capture.

Bluebird’s zero friction model maximizes ease of use for your sales network enabling rapid onboarding and go-to-market strategies.

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Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics on every program, partner, and lead.

Make data-backed decisions and continuously improve revenue operations with lead management insights.

In the dark about your sales team?

Here's the light switch.

How we AI.

The control you desire, augmented with AI and machine learning.

We believe in deploying lead management technologies that increase productivity and scalability while remaining transparent and configurable.

Pre-flight AI.

Generative AI to score and reorganize lead data.

Lead enrichment and pre-qualification scoring.

In-flight AI.

Patented narrow AI lead score and routing algorithm follows business rules you define.

On the fly agent performance based scoring.

Machine learning routing engine.

Agent-assist AI.

Post acceptance generative AI agent assistance tools.